Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday with the In-Laws

Happy Sunday ya'll! My boys are still sleeping so this Belle is enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning at the computer. I'm sure it won't last long. Yesterday was our usual Saturday with the In-Laws. Prince A got to swim while his Poppy(Phillip's dad) fired up the grill and made a delicious dinner.

I ate way too much, of course, but it was definitely worth it. P's parents have the most darlin' koi pond in their back yard. I love to just sit beside it and listen to the water fall. I think it's funny that the "norm" is to hate being around your In-Laws but I really do enjoy it. Especially sharing books with P's mom. I took her "The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc" and I hope she likes it. I know it was one of my favorite books about living in the South. Ya'll should pick it up if you haven't already! It's a good find.

And now it's time to get everybody ready and start our daily adventures. I'm hoping to get in some 4th of July dress shopping today. Keep your fingers crossed.

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