Friday, June 18, 2010

The Wedding

Happy Saturday ya'll! It's been a busy week and will hopefully be a fun filled weekend. We've got a couple of birthday parties to attend but other than that it should be nice and relaxing. Maybe me and a couple of my favorite girls will be able to sit around and figure out some of my wedding plans. I'm starting to think that a 4 year engagement is getting just a little too long. What about ya'll?

Anyways, I'm starting my planning and I'm tore between two of my favorite color combos for a summer wedding 2011. The crowd favorite, Pink and Green, or one I'm becoming increasingly smitten with, navy, white and yellow. There's this gorgeous venue for the perfect ceremony site located on the river so since N,W & Y theme can be a little bit nautical I just might be perfect.

It feels like it's finally the right time to marry. I know my mama will be tickled pink. She's been talking about this day for the past 5 years.

Here's some pictures with the Navy & Yellow theme.

Well I'm off to do some more course work for CD training. Hope ya'll have a lovely weekend.

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